The Las Vegas Grand Prix in 2023, reaches the third US GP in the calendar

The Las Vegas Grand Prix in 2023, reaches the third US GP in the calendar

Nevada will get it Formula 1, 41 years later. Grand Prize Las Vegas He will be involved in the F1 calendar in 2023, having already hosted events in 1981 and 1982. “The race will take place at night, on Saturday in November, on the famous Las Vegas Strip, passing for some of the sites, the most famous hotels and casinos in the world Formula 1, the champion of the championship, said in a statement on Wednesday.

Further proof of the growing demand for F1 in IndyCar and Nascar country, it will be a new race of the disputed discipline in the United States, having run the GP in Austin, Texas, from 2012 and scheduled until 2026 on its least, and a Miami, Florida General Practitioner, to be debated for the first time on May 8th.

Up to 342 km / h on the circuit

“It’s an incredible moment for Formula 1 which shows the huge traction and growth of our sport with the third race in USA. Las Vegas is a destination known all over the world for its excitement, generosity, thrills, and of course the famous Strip, ”F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali said in the statement. The circuit will have 14 turns and three straight turns, 6.12 km long, and the top speeds are estimated to be above 342 km / h, according to the organizers.

The announcement of this race comes at a time when a total of 23 Grand Prix is ​​already in the calendar of the 2022 season. Stefano Domenicali had declared earlier in March that there was “the potential to go up to 24» Grands Prix in a season.

With the growing interest of local organizers to host F1, Domenicali had even confirmed during an interview with the Sky Sports channel “that it has the capacity to go up to 30” races. Currently, however, the Concorde Accords governing F1 governance and revenue distribution limits the number of races per season to 24.

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