Danielle Smith wants to run for the United Conservative Party

Danielle Smith wants to run for the United Conservative Party

Former Wildrose Alberta Party leader Danielle Smith has confirmed to Radio-Canada that she is seeking a United Conservative Party (UCP) nomination in Livingstone-Macleod riding. She also says she will run for PCU leadership if Jason Kenney loses his vote of confidence.

He will make an official announcement on Friday morning of his launch. United Conservative MP Roger Reid currently represents the ride on Livingstone-Macleod.

Danielle Smith had a turbulent history in Alberta politics. In 2014, she and eight Wildrose TDs entered the ranks of Jim Prentice’s Progressive Conservatives. Alberta curators of all colors have widely rejected this twist.

In early 2015, months before the provincial election, she lost the nomination while riding a little-known candidate.

Danielle Smith later made a career as a radio host, but hung up her son in early 2021.

He was succeeded by Brian Jean as leader of the Wildrose Party. The latter left Alberta politics in 2018, then returned two weeks ago with the goal avowed Jason Kenney.

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